FreeLab Sandbox - CUCM 11.5 Edition (Collaboration)


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*4/5/2018 Donation Update: In addition to your help with my electrical costs, I've purchased secure SSL certificates for the VPN so you don't get untrusted warnings every time you connect.

Last updated: 7/13/2018
Everyone seems fine with the current "Sandbox" format so I've changed the name from 'Beta' to Sandbox. If we get to a point where having a more structured lab-specific task is needed, I'll look into scripting pre-configured lab scenarios.

If you do not have the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client, you can get it by the following steps. (View VPN video below:

1. Goto
Current Username: freeuser Password: pvcF5Vb3
2. Once logged in, download the installer:

10 Digits (XXX-XXX-XXXX) - Completes to PSTN PRI sample on 2811 as extension 7200
11 Digits (1-XXX-XXX-XXXX) - Completes to PSTN FXO sample on 2811 as extension 8200
9+10 Digits (9-XXX-XXX-XXX) - Completes to real ITSP
9+11 Digits (9-1-XXX-XXX-XXX) - Completes to real ITSP

Cisco Unified Communications Appliances
Username: admin
Password: Fr33Lab!

  • CUCM Publisher:
  • CUCM Subscriber:
  • CUC VoiceMail:
  • CUCM IM&P:
  • CUCM MediaSense:
  • Contact Center Express:
  • CUIC:
  • Finesse Admin:
  • Finesse Desktop:
  • SocialMiner:
  • VCS-C Expressway:
  • VCS-E Expressway:
  • CER Publisher:

    Windows 10 Remote Desktop Hosts

  • Desktop 1: (username: freelab-1 password: Fr33Lab!)
  • Desktop 2: (username: freelab-2 password: Fr33Lab!)
  • Desktop 3: (username: freelab-3 password: Fr33Lab!)

    NTP Server:


    LDAP Users:
    Username: youtubea Password: Fr33Lab!
    Username: youtubeb Password: Fr33Lab!
    Username: youtubec Password: Fr33Lab!
    Username: youtubed Password: Fr33Lab!
    Username: uccx Password: Fr33Lab!
    Username: uc Password: Fr33Lab! (Used for UC integration with MediaSense for video voicemail)